The Upcycled Pumpkin Recipe E-Book

Recipes for your real pumpkin decor or carved pumpkins. Don't trash them. Feed your family with them with these fantastic recipes from your favorite people!

Affiliate Terms

Welcome! We are so happy to have you.

Our affiliates are given $10 per sale of The Upcycled Pumpkin Recipe E-Book with their affiliate link.


Launch/Marketing Plans:

The Intro Launch will be October 9-19 - It will only be available during this time for sale. You can market as many times as you'd like, however you like that is in good morale/marketing tactics.

Ideas: Feature in your stories on Instagram, Post about it on Instagram, Make a quirky video for Tik Tok, Pin a Pin on Pinterest, Tweet about it, Email family and friends, Post on Facebook About it, Email your Email list about it.

We will provide stories and other marketing materials you can use on Instagram if you don't want to make your own and some other basic graphics to market with. And you can share others' posts or stories in your own stories to help capture and motivate your audience to buy!

Secondary launch 2020 - Optional to be a part of November 5-9. As people start to think about what to do about their pumpkins again now that Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is on the horizon.

Fall 2021 We will open it up for sale again during the fall.



Payment will be made via Paypal a few days after each marketing push closes.  Payment will not be made until you have submitted your W-9 (If in the United States) or W-8BEN.


Affiliate Link

The affiliate links provided track the last click. So if someone clicks on your link first but doesn't buy, and then sees someone else's promotion and clicks on their link, the last click (the other person) will get the sale credit. We cannot control this. Please try to make the sale on the spot!