The Form W-9 is a form used to confirm you’re a U.S. taxpayer and that The Social Media Posse LLC is not required to withhold taxes from your earnings. For record-keeping purposes, The Social Media Posse LLC requires a Form W-9 for all U.S. taxpayers paid on The Social Media Posse LLC. Once you file your Form W-9, you will be allowed to be paid for your work.

To provide The Social Media Posse LLC with your Form W-9

  • Fill out the Docusign W-9 form below.
  • Provide us with your legal name and address.

It is important to note that if you complete the W-9 certification, The Social Media Posse LLC does not:

  • Withhold any taxes from your earnings
  • Use the Form W-9 to report your income to anyone
  • Ask for any taxpayer identification numbers on Form W-9
  • Require you to fill out a paper form
  • Determine, or in any way affect, whether you owe taxes in your own country.

Please consult a local tax professional to determine whether your freelancer earnings are taxable. Non U.S. persons are required to file a Form W-8BEN.

We will later provide you with a 1099 for your taxes reporting by January 31st each year for your own tax reporting use should you meet the minimum requirements.



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